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      welcome to Commerce Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality
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      Enterprise Operating Cost Reference


        1.Office rent in key areas

        Average rent of Grade A office building in Shenzhen 268 RMB/㎡

        2.Industrial Land Price

        General Industrial Land M1

        Unit Price 357 RMB/㎡

        (within the original Special Economic Zone 961 RMB/㎡, outside of the original Special Economic Zone 322 RMB/㎡)

        Land for New Type Industry M0

        Unit Price 1470 RMB/㎡

        (within the original Special Economic Zone 2574 RMB/㎡, outside of the original Special Economic Zone 1405 RMB/㎡)

        3.Industrial Electricity Price

        Electricity Price for General Business and Other Business

        Peak Hours 1.0526 RMB/KWH

        Off-peak Hours 0.7001 RMB/KWH

        Low Load Hours 0.2561 RMB/KWH

        4.Industrial Water Price

        Industrial Water Price3.77 RMB/m3

        Sewage Treatment Fee 1.05 RMB/m3

        Water for business, service industry, and construction industry 3.77 RMB/m3

        Sewage Treatment Fee 1.2 RMB/m3

        The above are only the average prices in key areas. The statistical data is updated to June 30, 2020, for reference only. The actual prices are subject to the latest quotation.

      Record No:Guangdong ICP 19022168 Commerce Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality,All rights reserved. Technical support:Shenzhen Municipal E-Government Resources Center
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