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      welcome to Commerce Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality
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      Commerce Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality Held Exchange Symposium with Infocomm Media Development Authority


        On the morning of May 28, Chi Weiguo, Deputy Director of Commerce Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality, met with CHNG Ken Wei, Centre Director (China) of Infocomm Media Development Authority and First Secretary of Embassy of the Republic of Singapore in Beijing, and his delegation. Chen Chaoxiang, Deputy Inspector of Government Services and Data Management Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality, Sun Junzhu, Deputy General Manager of Shenzhen Branch of China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation, and Wang Xinghong, General Manager of International Marketing of Shenzhen Mindray Bio-Medical Electronics Co., Ltd. attended the Symposium, as well as leaders of relevant divisions of the Commerce Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality.


        At the Symposium, Deputy Director Chi Weiguo had an indepth discussion on the content and progress of the Singapore-Shenzhen Economic & Trade Cooperation and Smart City E-commerce Project. The participants elaborated on the Singapore-Shenzhen Smart City E-commerce Project in terms of cooperation direction, model, signature logical framework and implementation method, with a view to further enhancing consensus. The Singapore side expressed the willingness to deepen cooperation in cross-border e-commerce with Shenzhen and the plan to establish focal points for further communication.

        The Symposium provided a useful way for the Singapore-Shenzhen cooperation. CHNG Ken Wei said that through this Symposium, he was more impressed by Shenzhen and full of confidence in the prospect of Singapore-Shenzhen cooperation on smart city. On the principle of mutual support, complementarity and mutual benefit, he believed that the two sides can continuously expand cooperation fields, deepen cooperation and achieve win-win results in the future.

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