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      welcome to Commerce Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality
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      Transportation is Great


        Adjacent to Hong Kong, Shenzhen enjoys unique geographical advantages. It is a significant transportation hub in the Asia-Pacific region under the Belt and Road Initiative. The international deep-water port, large international airport, the largest land port, important expressways, national railways and passenger lines all meet here in Shenzhen.

        The Pearl River Delta, where Shenzhen is located, has unparalleled capabilities of providing hardware support in the world. With Shenzhen as the center, it can enable people to purchase various industrial supporting elements within one-hour drive. Scientific research results can be quickly transformed into innovative products. Shenzhen is close to the most developed markets in the world. With the 24-hour customs clearance service, people can go to Hong Kong at any time. It only takes them 23 minutes to get to Hong Kong from Shenzhen, and one hour drive to Hong Kong Airport. After the products are manufactured, they can be sent to the world through the Shenzhen-Hong Kong ports within an hour.

        〇Wins the title of One of the Top Ten Cities in Asia Pacific in fDiMagazine

        〇Ranks top in terms of the subway comprehensiveness by China Urban Cities’ Transit-Oriented Development Index Report.

        〇Becomes the No.1 export city for 26 consecutive years with a total foreign trade import and export value of USD 447.8 billion (RMB 3 trillion)

        〇Ranks Fourth in the world container port with its large throughput in 2018

        〇Enjoys the sharpest increase in the number of international air passengers


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