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      welcome to Commerce Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality
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      Service is Great


        The Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government is one of the most efficient governments in China. It advocates a government under the rule of law, a service-oriented government, and a clean government. Shenzhen makes full use of the advantages of its legislative power as a special economic zone and makes unremitting endeavor to build a fair, transparent and easy business environment. As the first special economic zone in China, Shenzhen is the window and experimental field of China's reform and opening up.

        In order to achieve marketization, rule of law and internationalization, Shenzhen has carried out a number of reform project, streamlined administration and delegate power to the lower levels, optimized the process of business, and took the lead in promoting the reform of the commercial registration system in China, simplifying the process of establishing companies, and stimulating entrepreneurial enthusiasm. The registering for companies has been shortened from 20 working days to one working day.

        〇Shenzhen ranks the first in the evaluation of government under rule of law in 2018 Annual Assessment Report on China’s Law-Abiding Government

        〇 Ranks the third in the evaluation of comprehensive competitiveness of Chinese cities in the Blue Book of Urban Competitiveness issued by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

        〇Ranks the fourth in 2018 Shenzhen City Health Development Index

        〇Ranks top in the 2018 China Top Ten Efficient Government Rankings released by the China Institute of City Competitiveness


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